the squad leader woody is part of the toy story and beyond series. it was made in 2002 by Hasbro. It includes a static Mr. Potato Head, Woody Doll with pirate hat, soldier hat and cowboy hat.


  • "Come In, Mother Bird."
  • "Buzz, Send in the heavy artillery."
  • "Shh, did you hear something?"
  • "Sargent Potato head, deploy the troops."
  • "Roger that, Buzz."
  • "Copy that, Buzz."
  • "That's a tin-foil on that one!"
  • "Good job troops!"
  • "Send in the paratrooper!"
  • "A Good soldier never leaves a man behind!"
  • "I'm counting on you Potato head"
  • "Red alert, red alert!"
  • "Buzz, We got trouble, red alert!"